Reminder:  Join us the 1st Tuesday of the month at 18:30 MST on 144.250 SSB for the SWAP NET

Current SEPT 2023 AZ SWOT Swap Listings:

All listings are “Good in QRZ” for email info unless otherwise stated.

WA7ELN, Troy, Wants a RF Noise Source/Analyzer for an HP 346. Also has a Spectrain 2304mhz, 180w amplifier. Trade for a 1296 or 2m high-power amp. Lastly Troy has a Kenwood TS-870, BRO and open to trades mailto:

K7EME, Doug, is selling a very nice Icom IC-7610 $2250, IC-9700 #1 for $1250 everything works. He also has a second IC-9700 #2 for $800 but it has a RX issue on 1296.

W7ADF, Jim, has a Kenwood TH-D74 Package For Sale with shark “open spot” and other accys $600 OBO. Jim has a want for a Yaesu G-450 Rotor (AC version). Jim is good in QRZ

W8AEF, Paul, Has a Tektronics 2247A, 100Mhz O’Scope with (2) probes 150mhz and 500Mhz and Wheeled cart model 200C for $100. Paul is Good in QRZ.

NC7K Jeff has a couple of HTs for sale- A Yaesu FT-70 dual-band with RT Systems software, Speaker Mic, 2x Batteries, Drop-In rapid charger $125. Also an Icom V86 7watt 2m only HT with 2x batteries, Speaker Mic, Drop-In Charger $125. WANT: TE Systems Model 4461G, 300w 432mhz amplifier (28v). Jeff is good on QRZ.

-W5RCQ, Jerry, has a Hy-Gain RC1-H Digital Rotor Controller. This has (1) Preset but no memories. Asking $150 and requires 24v supply from existing analog rotor controller or separate supply. Jerry also has a Black-face (newer) Mirage B5016G 2m 160w Brick amplifier $175. Last item is a Q5-signal, 10w “IN”, 60w 222mhz amplifier with power cord and T/R Relay $200. Jerry is good in QRZ.

KD5NLP, Mike has a HF “Package Deal” a Yaesu FT-757GXii + MFJ-941E + Matching Yaesu Power Supply + Hand Mic and Desk Mic $300. Mike is good in QRZ.