Reminder:  Join us the 1st Tuesday of the month at 18:30 MST on 144.250 SSB for the SWAP NET

Current FEBRUARY 2024 AZ SWOT “Swap Net” Listings:

All listing persons are “Good in QRZ” for email info unless otherwise specified:

KD5NLP, Mike, has a WANT for a 432 Mhz Amplifier that accepts up to 20w drive such as a Mirage brown face D3010 or similar.  Mike can be reached via email and is good in QRZ.

NC7K Jeff has a Astron LS-35 (28v) 35a power supply $300.  Also a Icom V86 2m, 7w HT with Accys $150.  Jeff is good on QRZ.

KC2TX, Spencer, has a Kenwood TS-670 QRP quad-bander 6/10/15/40m $250obo.  Also has a Linear amp 80-10m, about 50-90w out depending on band.  Good in QRZ or call tel:(520)979-7747

NJ6D, Chuck is selling a Heathkit SB-200, 80-10m Amplifier that runs a pair of 572B tubes
for 500-600w out. $450.  Chuck has a “WANT” for Microwave 10ghz components:  Mixer, Isolator, and/or Circulator.  Good in QRZ.

K7KMR, Kevin, has a 1296mhz dish antenna with 8ft mast and LNA, $100.  Kevin also has a nice Yaesu FT-897D HF, VHF, UHF rig with 12v power supply and LDG tuner $675 package deal.  Good in QRZ.

K7SWK, Dave, WANTS a 2m brick amplifier 150-200watts (like an RM Italy LA-250 or Mirage B1016G, etc. (602) 620-6862

W5RCQ, Jerry, has a Q5 222-60PAS 10w IN, 60w OUT 222Mhz Linear Amplifier with T/R Relay and Power Cord $200.  Also a Mercury IIIS LDMOS 1.2kw HF (160-6m) factory built linear amp $2000 and a MFJ-998 1.5kw Tuner with Manual and power supply $350.  Partial trades considered for high power VHF/UHF ham equipment.  Good in QRZ.

KC6SEH, John, in Lake Havasu has the following ham radio items for sale:
TE 6m amp 0552G 15 to 25 in 375 out $375.00
Mirage 6m amp 10 in 150 out $150.00
Palstar AT1KP 1200w tuner $260.00
Yaesu Ft 1000 MP Mark V with the 6m 200w transverter $1100
Yaesu Ft 2000D $1600
Yaesu Ft 900AT with remote head $500
If anybody is interested they can call John at tel:916-798-3440 or e-mail
all the equipment I bought new, radios have the original boxes and manuals.

VE4MA/7, Barry, has a CDE/Hygain CD/ TR44…like the CD=45 with the usual bell housing, older metal case control panel.  It has a friction brake so it is a medium duty rotor.
The rotor works well but needs the grease replaced.  He will pull it down from the tower on the morning of Feb 25.  Good in QRZ.

K7EME, Doug, has quite a bit of very nice VHF/UHF equipment for sale (from N6ETA (SK) station)).  Doug is assisting the family with finding a new home for Pete’s well-kept ham gear.  Pete was one of the original founders of AZ VHF SWOT and he will be missed!