Reminder:  Join us the 1st Tuesday of the month at 18:30 MST on 144.250 SSB for the SWAP NET

Note: Everyone below should be “good on QRZ”

Current Listings (4/5/2023)

  • NC7K Jeff has a couple of HTs for sale- Yaesu FT-70 dual-band with RT Systems software, Speaker Mic, 2x Batteries, Drop-In rapid charger $125.   Icom V86 7watt (2m only) HT with 2x batteries, Speaker Mic, Drop-In Charger $125.  Jeff is good on QRZ.
  • W5RCQ, Jerry, Has a Loaded Elecraft K3S 160-6m plus 2m with all Options except 2nd RX.  Rig is factory built/aligned and has 4x crystal filters: 400, 1.8, 2.4, and Wide AM/FM Filter. $2800.  He also has a Elecraft P3 panadapter with cables, SVGA option (large screen) and swr/wattmeter for HF and VHF sensors $750.
  • Perfers package deal sale and entertaining trades for high-power VHF/UHF amplifiers.  Jerry also has a Black-face (newer) Mirage B5016G 2m 160w Brick amplifier $175.  Jerry is good in QRZ.
  • N7VAZ, Eric, has two WANTS:  A RCA/Radio Shack TV Rotor Controller Box (U-105).  Eric is also looking for an Icom 24-pin square molex connector for the back ACCY port for older Icom transceivers.  Eric is good in QRZ.
  • K7EME Doug has 2x ICOM Speakers – Icom SP-38 $75 and Icom SP-23 $105.   Both spkrs have orig. boxes.  Doug is good in QRZ.
  • W7ADF Jim has a nice Kenwood TH-D74 triband HT with a bunch of accessories for $650.   Jim is good on QRZ.

Previous Listings – Unknow if still available

  • K7TTI Yaesu FT-857d with LDG YT-100 tuner,FT-Meter, seperation kit, both MH-31A8 and MH-59A8J Mics. = $700.00 (Phil K7TTI
  • K7TTI MFJ-4125 25 amp power supply. = $45.00
  • K7TTI Kenwood TM-710 with GPS module (Green Light Labs GPS-710), programming cable, and seperation kit. = $135.00 (Phil K7TTI
  • K7TTI FTM-3207DR C4FM/FM 430MHz 55W Mobile Transceiver = $60.00 (Phil K7TTI
  • K7TTI FTM-3200DR C4FM FDMA / FM 2-Meter TRANSCEIVER = $40.00 (Phil K7TTI
  • K7TTI LDG Tuner YT-1200 = $65.00 (Phil K7TTI
  • K7TTI LDG Tuner AT-200 Pro2 NEW = $175.00 (Phil K7TTI
  • K7TTI Kenwood TM 271a 2m Mobile = $60.00 Used appearance, works flawlessly. (Phil K7TTI
  • K7TTI Rig Blaster Plug & Play = $35.00 (Phil K7TTI
  • K7TTI SignaLink USB = $75.00 (Phil K7TTI
  • K7EME ALS-1306 1200W HF-6 meter solid state amp. $2400.
  • K7EME Yaesu FT-736R w/ 6,2,432. CW filter ,tone board, keyer, satellite  $450, with matching speaker and MD-1 desk mic  $500 for all.
  • K7EME Yaesu FT-726R w/6,2,432, original owner $225,
  • K7EME Drake L-7 HF amplifier and PS, w/ rebuild kit for PS, hasn’t been on for 20 plus years, 2x 3-500Z tubes, as is good cond, $750
  • K6TDI FT450D  $500   email good on QRZ
  • W7ADF Kenwood THD-74 plus many accessories, and a TYT-9800.  good in QRZ
  • WD7R Kenwood TS-711A  mint, 30W, tone board  $350  OBO    Ukrainian 222 XVTR w/ atten board   $100 OBO
  • KD5NLP WANT:  HF Amplifier. capable of running on 120VAC  good QRZ
  • KC6SEH AL-811H like new  Best offer.
  • KC6SEH Yaesu FT-1000MP MK5   200W w/ 6 meter transverter by Yaesu  $1000.
  • KC6SEH M2 5el 6 meter Yagi make offer, TE Systems 0552 6 meter amp, up to 375W out   $350,
  • KC6SEH Yaesu FT-2000D  $1500. QRZ or Phone  916-798-3440
  • WB6CWN FT-847 and FT-897  for sale.
  • WB6CWN WANTS: HF thru 6 meter mobile amplifier.   good in QRZ
  • WA7DXZ Kenwood  TS-2000  Late model, not an early production unit, MC-60 desk mic, software,  $800.  Phone  623-377-5830
  • NC7K Diamond V/UHF SWR/wattmeter $25
  • NC7K Ultramax 50ft end fed antenna $50
  • KC6SEH Ameritron AL 811H best offerFT-1000MP MK5w/ 6 meter transverter $1000M
  • KC6SEH 2 5el beam, make offerTE 6 meter amp, 350W  $350FT-2000D $2000KD5NLPWANT  HF amp, 120V capable
  • N7GP WANT  4-6 wire rotor cable, any length